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To treat the delicate eye area your Beauty Therapist offers three Eye Treatments. In order to maintain the results, homecare eye products are available on request. Click here for more details.

Collin Eye Treatment

Relaxing Eye Treatment: A fabulous anti-fatigue treatment to soothe and relax the eye contour. This treatment includes soft exfoliation, relaxing massage and 15 minutes relaxation thanks to a eye pillow* filled with linseed and organic lavender.  (40 mins)                                                           Single: £29.50 or half price if taken with a facial treatment. 

* Eye pillows are available to purchase. Click here for more details.                                                                         

Eye Youth Treatment: Anti-ageing, anti-fatigue, to eliminate the signs of ageing and tiredness to reduce puffiness and dark shadows. A course of 6 treatments over 4 weeks is recommended. (40 mins)                              Single: £40.00                                                                                          Course of 6: £210.00 

Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Treatment:  This innovative treatment uses gentle micro-current stimulus to reduce lines & wrinkles and lift the eyelid. Your delicate eye area will be radiant, lines diminished (by over 40%), and puffiness & dark shadows reduced. A course of 4 is highly recommended. (1 hour)                                                                                              Single: 62.00                                                                                      Course of 4: £220.00    

Combined Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Treatment & Mini Face Lifting Treatment: Combining all of the benefits of the Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Treatment with our sublime anti-ageing products, your skin will be lifted with particular attention being paid to the eye area. A course of 4 is recommended. (1 hour)                                                                         Single: £85.00                                                                                   Course of 4: £300.00                         

Eyebrow Shaping: Waxing and/or tweezing.                                       Strip Wax: £9.75     (for men: £12.00)                                                   Film Wax:  £11.50     (for men: £15.00)

Eyebrow Tinting: Black, brown, navy blue or blue-black.**               Single: £9.50

Eyelash Tinting: Black, light brown or dark brown.**                         Single: £13.00

** Please note that a patch test is required 24 hrs prior to tinting treatments.