For beautiful hands and nails!

Reshaping & Varnish: Over 20 colours to choose from.                    £12.00

Quick Manicure: Shaping, cuticle treatment and varnish.   £16.00               

Classic Manicure: Shaping, cuticle treatment, light massage and varnish.  £20.00

Luxury Hand Treatment: Classic manicure with exfoliation, massage and varnish.                                                                                                         £29.00

WhitEvidence Hand Treatment: To reduce pigmentation on the back of the hands! This treatment incorporates Biowhite® to correct discolouration, pigmentation marks will visibly lighten and skin will be softer and more luminous. An anti-pigmentation treatment which includes exfoliation, massage, serum and mask. (20 mins)  £30.00                                                                                               Course of 5: £125.00

WhitEvidence Hand Treatment + Manicure: Shaping, cuticle treatment, anti-pigmentation treatment (which includes exfoliation, massage, serum and mask) and varnish.  (35 mins)                                                £40.00                                                                                              Course of 5: £160.00